Merissa McCall - Choosing Empowerment

Merissa McCall

Life Coach


Hello, I'm Merissa McCall, and I'm honored to introduce myself as the compassionate founder of Butterfly Effect Experience. My passion lies in life coaching, where I have the privilege of empowering individuals to overcome challenges and turn their dreams into reality. With my background as a John Maxwell certified coach and a U.S. Army veteran, I bring a unique perspective and a wealth of experience to my coaching practice, fostering growth and transformation in the lives of my clients.

Throughout my own personal journey, I have faced and conquered obstacles such as ADHD, domestic violence, and military sexual assault. These experiences have deeply shaped my understanding of the struggles that individuals face on a daily basis. It is through the creation of a safe and non-judgmental environment within Butterfly Effect Experience that I guide my clients towards breaking free from limiting beliefs and developing crucial life skills.

My coaching expertise revolves around three primary areas: supporting survivors of domestic violence, working with individuals who have ADHD, and assisting those seeking to improve their life skills. Within these realms, I specialize in time management, goal setting, effective communication, self-care practices, and stress management. By honing these essential life skills, my clients gain confidence, resilience, and increased productivity.

In essence, I am devoted to being both a life coach and a U.S. Army veteran who is deeply committed to helping my clients unlock their full potential. With unwavering support and guidance, I encourage and empower individuals to create the lives they truly desire. I firmly believe that with the right guidance and love, everyone can achieve their goals and experience the profound impact of the Butterfly Effect.

Thank you for considering Butterfly Effect Experience as your partner on this transformative journey. Together, we can unleash your true potential and make lasting positive changes in your life.


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