Maddie Keller - Choosing Empowerment

Maddie Keller

Director of Operations & Counseling Intern


Hey there, cyclebreakers! I'm Maddie, a No BS therapist-in-training who's all about tearing down barriers and holding you accountable. Currently, I'm knee-deep in a graduate program for Clinical Mental Health Counseling, specializing in Trauma & Crisis. Sure, I'm not your typical \"fluffy handholding\" therapist, but don't let that fool you—I can dial it down when needed. Despite my blunt approach, I'm culturally savvy and can connect with diverse populations. While trauma and crisis are my jam, I'm down to work with anyone serious about their mental health journey. My goal? To help you be the best version of yourself, all while providing the safety and support therapy demands. And remember, with me, you're in control—however that looks for you on your mental health journey.


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